Summer 2017, the small, nimble and efficient team of On a Boat Headed to Rome to work with Ogilvy and Martini on quick turn around, real time content… and yes you’re right, we did a damn good job. We were producing Video and Still content to be used by Ogilvy Public Relations, documenting the making of Martini’s 2017 Play With Time commercial.

It was amazing and let us show you guys what we can do. What was really impressive though? We had still and video content, shot, edited, and delivered the same day.

Our small but efficient team worked with a host of international social influencers, including internationally renowned bartender Simone Caporale; ex-Formula One driver Susie Wolff; French fashion blogger, Camille Charriere and TV and Film Influencers, Ravshana Kurkova and Sasha Petrov, to name a few.

We worked to produce premium photo and video that worked seamlessly with the commercial, directed by Autumn Dewilde and Cinematographer Luca Bigazzi, Choreographed by Ryan Heffington. 

What’s more impressive still, is that above it all, we shot and organised rushes throughout our time in Rome and had a short form after movie produced and ready for sharing, that same week.

We shot it all, we produced it all and we delivered it all within 1 week. It was great working with you Martini, we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Told you all we would get around to writing something one day.